Elibhe “Elly” Francis-Thrift (formally the superhero Jammer)  is Starfall’s troubled protagonist. At 29, freshly widowed, Elly just became the prime suspect in her husband’s brutal murder. Running from arrest doesn’t help much, but how else is she going to clear her name when all of the evidence leads back to her fists? Elly is super strong when she’s in pain, which makes her a wary brawler. Despite being too vulnerable at the start of a fight to wade in, she never gives up, and is usually left standing at the end. She has a few other tricks up her sleeve, which will be revealed in time.

Violet “Vi” Cho is many things: a leader, a gearhead, a driver, a designer, Joan’s girlfriend, the daughter of a rock star and an auto mechanic. But despite her genius, optimism, and Jill-of-All-Trades résumé (which includes a bit of occult dabbling), she’s still just human. When she felt stretched to the limit in the tights and flights community, Violet stepped away from the action and let her relationship with Elly fizzle out. Since then, she’s earned a number of degrees, changed careers several times, amassed a small fortune, and many accolades. She should be content. Yet, given the chance to return to the excitement and danger she left behind, to once again prove her mettle, she’ll take it no matter the cost.

The Patriarch seems to be a stalwart hero, but after fifty years of public service, the times, they are a-changin’. Decades of government programming (refreshed every December 24th) have started to clog his memory with half-remembered truths and propaganda. His extreme mood shifts have left devastation and trauma in his wake. The public is losing faith and “Pat’s” powers are belief-based. The more dated his approach and erratic his behavior, the lower he flies, the slower he sprints, the softer he hits, etcetera. The Patriarch will be floating around but it’s better to think of him as a looming threat than a participant for the time being. And don’t be surprised by shifts in either his attitude or costume -like Destiny, Pat’s life is not his own. His handlers work tirelessly to cultivate a less threatening image, which is no simple task when you’re dealing with the most powerful man on the planet.

Manifest Destiny doesn’t remember her own name. Her origin story began on the banks of a river that no longer flows, as a ragged cry escaping a choking child, and ended engulfed in light and purpose. She’s thousands of years old, battle-ready, and driven into Elly’s path by presidential mandate and the guiding hand of a celestial being far older than even herself. Destiny has a long, unhappy memory, many strengths, few weaknesses, and her limits are completely untested. Whether she’ll heed government sanction, ally with her friend, or strike out on her own will determine who lives and who dies.

Simon Thrift is the new Nightstrike, the commander of President Decade’s antihero police force, and the guy doggedly pursuing Elly. Rather than relying on gadgetry to augment his base humanity, years ago, Simon matched wits with a demon in the dark and enslaved it to his will…or vice versa. Now, convinced that Elly is guilty of murdering his brother, Simon grapples with an overwhelming power that he can barely control and so much anger. He’ll make the arrest if he doesn’t kill her in the process.

The legally distinct loser in perpetuity known as Bad Rock can only look to the horizon, wary of the next danger, hoping that its passing will be less humiliating. Before becoming Bad, Orin Delcroix, was an actor-turned-destitute-and-self-imposed-wastrel, then an armed robber-turned-would-be-kidnapper, and then a convict. He’s now a barman in a supervillain haven outside Starfall City limits. When he isn’t serving drinks to psychopaths and amoral opportunists, Bad has designated himself “Helicopter Mom”, looking after the teenage groupies and fledgling super villains that wander into the Lost & Foundry. It’s possible that he’s trying to make amends for his past misdeeds, or he just wants to be able to go home and look his boyfriend in the eyes and know that he spent another day doing a little good in an otherwise fucked up world. He has no super powers, but he does have a vast and problematic T-shirt collection.

As Cabaret’s daughter,  17-year-old Elaina feels beholden to a legacy of villainy. After piecing together an outfit one part “sexy” Halloween costume, two parts duct tape, and wielding the broken staff of Hermes (a magical healing artifact perverted by Cabaret’s twisted mind), Elaina ventures into the night as Malady. She arrives at the Lost & Foundry ready to declare herself fit for crime, but instead befriends a trainee hero and sweats through one of Bad Rock’s hoodies on the dance floor (he refuses to let her drink whatsoever) before things go completely to ruin. Despite playing haughty and nefarious, Elaina’s a good person in a bad place, exactly as she has been her entire life, but with a new twist: she has the staff, a pair of heels, friends, and the inkling that villainy is a point of view rather than a prognosis.

One of several trainee heroes under Incredibelle’s tutelage, 16-year-old Kyrie Sanders is lazy, wistful, and stressed. Comparable to a loaded gun, her vast telekinetic powers are arguably limitless, if she bothered to train her mind to use them. Instead, she creates constructs that she pantomimes into being, which is easier and more fun, but costs precious seconds that could mean the difference between life and death. Resistant to and tired of Incredibelle’s demanding training regiment, Kyrie (Omnimime or Mimenipotent, she hasn’t quite decided) gives herself the night off and absconds to the Lost & Foundry where she professes to Bad Rock that she’s interested in a more…cavalier life. As Mimevolent.

The latest explosive pages of Starfall have introduced a scarred, be-tentacled, and muscular nude woman (with a gauntlet prosthetic that shoots lasers -who the fuck even knows what else? Jetpack feet? Angry hornets that she can shoot out of her mouth?) that immediately starts trying to kill everyone. She’s fast, efficient, and a big fat question mark, but you can’t get more antagonistic than trying to do what she’s trying to do. Which isn’t good. And I’ve said too much already. You’ll have to keep reading to see what happens next.

Supporting Cast

Joan is Violet’s live-in girlfriend. She attends culinary school and subjects Vee to every new gastronomic endeavor, which is possibly the highlight of Violet’s every day. Since hitching her wagon to Violet’s whirlwind a few years back, Joan’s brought stability and order along with her. She’s aware of Violet’s tumultuous history, but hasn’t spent three words on Elly, opting to trust her girlfriend and enjoy life instead. But after hearing about Solomon’s death, something deep down inside of Joan started chanting, “I told you so…”

President Agnes Decade is the President of the United States of America and acting chancellor of the North American Federation. She has big plans and (probably) means well.

Solomon Francis-Thift was the second Nightstrike, a great guy on paper, and a brilliant inventor. Then things got complicated. Like Jacob Marley, he’s dead to begin with.





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