Adam Blackhat writes Starfall and Starfall High. He struggles with a strong heroine dependency and he’s probably running his damn fool mouth on Twitter right now. You can follow him @adamblackhat.

Azeher draws Starfall High. She is a Venezuelan-born artist currently living in Argentina, known for concept art and character design. She loves dogs, chocolate, and books.

Valentina Sannais draws Starfall. Move over, Evanescence, step aside cliche synonym for “art by”, the #1 person bringing things to life in this digital ‘burg is an Italian transplant residing in southeast London. From her first page, Val’s care and precision has been that of a steely surgeon, and the lines she cuts with her chosen scalpel (a Wacom Bamboo Fun CTH670) will etch characters and story into your mind forever if you let her. Commercial artist by trade, mad scientist by night, eyeball her work on DeviantArt and Facebook (her Howling Art label has its own Facebook and Twitter. Right about now, Val is probably deciding whether chocolate is a dinner food. Hear about her bad decisions in real-time by following @TheBlackWolf94.


Alison Altman was the artist. She can often be found running rampant in the desolate California wastes or keeping cool with unspeakable hedonistic debaucheries, such as vault exploration, condom packaging (her day job; only the second best icebreaker in her repertoire), and breaking hearts with each new finished page. You can follow her around on Twitter @thisismouseface or be impressed with her Official™ website.

We would like to thank everyone for reading, but everyone hasn’t read Starfall yet! For the time being, we’ll limit ourselves to the Twitter buds and buditas that offered direct criticism and assistance during the creation of Starfall. This includes but is not limited to our many brilliant and beautiful Patreon patrons, as well as @vareeditandweep @mistree_blip @thenoirguy @ifshebeworthy @zombietonbo @brainmist @ZombieDaisuke and @lawofgar. Several of these badasses have their own comics or creative endeavors that you should check out and support.