Starfall begins with a funeral…but the world has been around somewhat longer. Below is a timeline of events leading up to Solomon’s death, as well as what happens after, so beware. Disclaimer: not everything is eventual; nothing is canon until it’s actually drawn, scripted, and published.

The Shepherd cultivates the Earth

100,000 BC
The Fall of Runadine and the severing of The Shepherd’s connection with its avatars

980 AD
Destiny is “born” when early European explorers pillage a North American village

1597-1607 AD
Destiny advises the princess of the Powhatan tribe.

Destiny is injured during the American Revolution and disappears from public life. The war is largely won without her.

Captain Thrift, Matthias’s great-great grandfather is born

Destiny returns and is integral in the annexation of the western territories to the native peoples of North America, effectively ending the Indian Wars; after which she again disappears from public life. The United States completes the Louisiana Purchase

October 20th
The first Incredibelle is born

Destiny joins forces with Incredibelle (22) and the Expendabelles, a group of abolitionist led by Captain Thrift (36), Matthias’s great-great grandfather

Matthias’s great grandfather is born

October 20th
Incredibelle II is born

The term “Manifest Destiny” is used for the first time

Destiny enters the American Civil War and turns the tide, ending the war three years early

Matthias’s grandfather is born

October 20th
Incredibelle III is born

Matthias’s father is born

October 20th
Incredibelle IV is born

The Starfall Event; mirroring the real-world Tunguska Event

September 19th
Matthias is born

November 16th
Violet’s grandmother is born

Incredibelle V’s spouse is born

February 15th
Cabaret is born

May 16th
Yvonne is born

The U.S. government introduces Joe, the first “Real American Hero,” and the star of several wartime propaganda films

October 20th
Incredibelle V is born

Incredibelle V’s spouse (8) is shepherded to India from Poland to escape the Nazi regime; during the exodus, he is protected by a group of American mercenaries, led by Incredibelle IV (39); meeting her inspires the boy to eventually settle in the U.S.


October 26th
Agnes Decade is born

Destiny is convinced that she should participate in World War II, where she meets Joe. During the war, Destiny is horrified by what she sees and, after encountering another like herself, she vows to never again interfere outside of her chosen domain

March 12th
Kid-Thulhu #1 – With Agnes Decade’s help, Kinsey the Narville sacrifices a neighbor boy to his elder god father

June 25th
The Korean War begins in earnest; The Patriarch is sent in almost immediately

December 24th
On Christmas Eve, the Patriarch is deemed too volatile and unpredictable for combat; he is brought home for reeducation. He does not participate in any further foreign conflicts and is periodically brought in for reeducation from that point onward

April 22nd
Anti-Christie is born

“Rose” Su is born

Yvonne (29) uses her wealth and influence to become the masked vigilante Nightstrike

October 6th
Early Cho is born

Yvonne (31) begins working with Matthias (40), a government agent; together, they tackle such nefarious foes as Dr. Evergreen and his sapling thugs

June 1st
Supermodel is born

June 27th
Kid-Thulhu #2

The Patriarch, Destiny, and Yvonne formalize their partnership; Matthias becomes their official government liaison

February 11th
Simon is born and adopted by Matthias (45) and Yvonne (36)

February 27th
Destiny supports the American Indian Movement during the Battle of Wounded Knee and fights the government-sanctioned superhero, The Patriarch, who she recognizes her wartime partner, Joe; Joe has no memory of their earlier encounter

September 8th
Destiny joins The Patriarch and Yvonne in their first superhero team-up

Matthias (44) and Yvonne (34) are married

May 2nd
Orin Delcroix a.k.a. Bad Rock is born

August 6th
Molly Coddle is born

July 5th
Solomon is born to Yvonne (46) and Solomon (55); Simon is 10

October 20th
Rebecca Ansel (a.k.a. the new Incredibelle) is born

November 9th
Kristie Good is born

November 16th
Anti-Christie and the Werewolves from Mars is released to theaters. It flops, killing Anti-Christie’s acting career; Anti-Christie is 25. The soundtrack does better, featuring hit tracks from The Credenzas.

April 1st
Simon (12) becomes Yvonne’s sidekick, Strike Lad

September 10th
The Sky Marshal is born

February 25th
Violet is born Fender Stratocaster Cho to “Rose” Su (22) lead singer of the The Crudenza’s and Early Cho (24); during labor, Rose is high as a fuckin kite

June 4th
Elibhe “Elly” is born

Oliver “The Fantastic Lilliputian” Yoder is born

June 9th
Beat Grrrl is born

July 23rd
Joan is born

Matthias (65) retires

Bad Rock (23) is injured playing college ball and loses his scholarship

Solomon begins working on the O.T.S. (One Tin Soldier) battle suit

Hetta “Boom” Lofein is born

Yvonne (61) retires and hands over the Nightstrike mantle to Solomon (15). Devastated, Simon (25) seals a deal with Bu’l Suggoth and becomes “Ward”

January 12th
Blip! is born

April 16th
Kyrie Sanders a.k.a. Mimevolent is born

The Sky Marshal wobbles the wing of one airplane and deliberately crashes another, while experimenting with his abilities

2002 [H.S. – Sophomore Year]
Chapter 3
Starfall High

2001 [H.S. – Freshman Year]
The Sky Marshal (16) is discovered by Incredibelle’s government-sanctioned screening process. Eventually, they couple up

2003 [H.S. – Junior Year]
May 7th
Starfall High: That’s Amore (Eel!?!)

June 13th
After an internal struggle, Elly (17) begins seeing Solomon in secret; Violet is not thrilled, returning often to The Bizarre to leave bad memories at the Memory Bank

July 4th-6th
During the holiday weekend, Early (40) introduces Violet to a junk 1970 Chevy Nova; they begin fixing it up

September 10th
Violet takes it easy, enrolling almost exclusively in elective courses, including Driver’s Ed, Auto Shop, Metal Shop, and Art; as president of the Fashion Club, she insists on redesigning the school uniform skirt – she adds pockets; she also starts her own nonprofit

November 8th
Elly and Violet attend a comic convention; Elly attends in costume, but isn’t recognized by anyone until she approaches the celebrity table to have her vintage Anti-Christie poster autographed. Anti-Christie recognizes her outfit immediately; Violet butts in, “this is the real Jammer!”

2004 [H.S. – Senior Year]
The Sky Marshal (19) attempts to use his powers to control Destiny; he fails and is nearly killed. Almost immediately after, he tries the same trick with The Patriarch; later, The Patriarch punches his head through a wall during an impromptu meeting between Destiny, Violet (18), and Elly (18); even later, Elly will meet The Patriarch at the wall for a discussion

February 24th
Solomon (20) finds out that Elly has been lying to him about something very, very important and gives her the boot

May 15th
Cabaret (67) finds the sought-after Caduceus Staff of Hermes and uses it to make himself physically younger (approximately 30 years younger, becoming 37)

May 16th
Solomon (20) and Elly are planning to attend a birthday celebration for Yvonne (67), when they are called into action; they face-off against Nightstrike’s arch enemy, Cabaret (67). In the aftermath, several members of the team are grievously wounded, Matthias (76) and Yvonne are made magically younger, approximately twenty-five years younger (Yvonne becomes 42 and Matthias becomes 51) and Elly is deemed Starfall City’s newest teenage protector. After the Caduceus Staff explodes in his face, Cabaret is gifted with “healing” sight, with which he can see the design of the universe and how to “heal” it

May 17th
In school, Elly attempts to get back into Violet’s good graces; Violet shows Elly some of the tabloid shots that the Starlite News Network had uploaded concerning the previous day’s battle. Horrified, Elly resolves to alter her costume: she demands pants! Violet confesses that she once designed a costume for Elly and agrees to help her augment her current look; she suggests a trip to a costume shop’s heavily discounted Halloween aisle

June 15th
Violet and Elly take their relationship to the next level; Violet gives Elly her new costume

June 16th
Elly and Violet graduate from high school; Elly is wearing her new costume underneath her graduation robes and Violet dreams, the night before, that the student body is entirely composed of covert vigilantes

August 31st
In college, Violet becomes president of the Fashion Club and Auto Club, and joins the Fencing Team

2005 [College – Freshman Year]
August 29th
Violet (19) begins attending college, taking courses for Law and Metallurgy

October 31st
Violet, Elly (19), and Solomon (22) attend a Halloween party

2006 [College – Sophomore Year]
February 10th
Violet (19), Elly (19), and Solomon (22) celebrate spring break with an impromptu visit to Solomon’s ancestral home in New Orleans, arriving just in time for the great centennial vampire jubilee

December 24th
Violet (20) and Elly (20) spend Christmas Eve together; The Patriarch is escorted to his treatment

2007 [College – Junior Year]
Elly (21) and Violet (21) get their own apartments; Elly fights her way into the forgotten realm of Runadine, beneath the Earth’s crust

2008 [College – Senior Year]
Elly (22) gets in a particularly dirty fight; Elly and Violet (22) break up

Incredibelle (28) debuts her android peace keepers – the initiative goes immediately awry

April 29th
After learning that Dwayne Johnson has changed his hairstyle and it now matches his, Bad Rock (39) attempts to kidnap Johnson during the premiere of Fast Five; the kidnapping is foiled and he is arrested

Elly reunites with Solomon; they move in together, then get married. Violet becomes a professional artist; her permanent free-to-the-public art installation, Junk Park, adjoins her loft; all donations to the installation go directly to her nonprofit

Violet (27) begins seeing Joan (21); eventually, Joan moves into Violet’s loft

Elly (28) and Solomon (31) consider adoption; Agnes Decade (67) becomes president of the North American Federation

Incredibelle (31) mentors a new group of trainees, including Mimevolent (17), Blip! (17), Oliver “The Fantastic Lilliputian” Yoder, and Hetta “Boom” Lofein

January 17th
Violet (28) debuts her new clothing line, Superchic

July 5th
Elly (29) attempts to bake Solomon (32) a birthday cake from scratch; her plans go awry but she makes it up to him

September 1st
During the evening, several people are witness to a viscous argument between Elly and Solomon (32), concerning the registration bill he helped to draft and his public unmasking that same day; Solomon has a follow-up conversation with President Decade (68) regarding the bill, which The Patriarch overhears

September 2nd
During the night, Solomon is brutally murdered

September 29th
Elly (29) starts a bar brawl with Bad Rock (43), then goes home to bed; Simon (42) accosts Elly and foreshadows her impending arrest

September 30th
Chapter 1: Solomon’s Widow
Chapter 2: A Woman to Blame

October 1st
Chapter 3