Starfall begins with a funeral. Elly’s beloved husband was brutally beaten to death, all evidence leads back to her, and the only option she has is to run. Life is never easy for a superhero. Exonerating herself will be difficult, battling gods, monsters, and her alternate evil cyborg self all the more so, but at least she can rely on her perturbed ex, her elderly in-laws, and Destiny to set things right.

That’s the elevator pitch.

In Chapter 1, Elly buries her husband, becomes reacquainted with her ex-girlfriend, and fends off an assassination attempt with lethal force. In Chapter 2, Elly’s calling in favors. She’s wanted for questioning and planning an investigation of her own. Things get complicated and she’ll need to draw Violet deeper into trouble to get herself out. Across town, a social club for supervillains is laid to waste by an unstoppable foe and even those that escape may not live through the night. In Chapter 3, the story rewinds a long while back, to reveal the origin of “Evil Elly”. And, most recently, in Chapter 4, Elly & co. finally make their getaway.