That’s it, folks! Chapter 4 is done and it’s time for some state of the union-style updates.

Chapter 5 –

Chapter 5’s script has been complete for a while, but I’m still tweaking it here and there. Val has a few backgrounds and characters to get used to before we begin. You’ll get a look at that as it becomes available. We’re looking at a very Joan/Violet/Kinsey-centric episode, so stay tuned. (Deadline: …TBD. I’m going to level with you folks. Val isn’t feeling well, so weekly updates might not be a realistic possibility. Rather than kill the comic, I’m going to assume you want it to continue as much as I do, so we’re going to continue, but her health is top priority. If she has to tag out, for any length of time, I’m going to abide by her wishes and hold up. As it is, we’ll still need to rebuild a 4-week buffer. If we can’t clear that hurdle at a consistent pace, I might hold onto pages until they can be released in six page-scheduled blocks. And that will take as long as it needs to.)

Chapter 3 Release –

Chapter 3 has been sent to Ka-Blam. There will probably be further changes after I get my proof back. There usually are. (Deadline: Ka-Blam’s turn-around is usually several weeks. Comixology maintains a 90-day release schedule. So, assuming I have the proof in hand by  the end of June, and send it back by the end of the first week of July, Comix Central digital release will occur sometime in the middle of July, prints will be available through IndyPlanet in August or September, patron copies will be available around August, and Comixology copies will be available in October.)

Chapters 1 & 2 –

Chapters 1, 2, and some sweet ass merch are now available. All the links are here. Tell your friends. Also, I’m going to be taking this between-the-chapters moment as an opportunity to rework the website and upload revised versions of absolutely every frigging page, so you can see what you might have missed on the Patreon. (Deadline: Passed! Everything’s available! Non-patrons can expect revised pages beginning next week!)


TBA…I’m working on something again. Maybe. (Deadline: ???)

Unrelated But Kinda Related –

Val’s done amazing art for an Italian comic, read it here!

Captain Sin, my NSFW comic, is wrapping things up, here!


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