We’re finally here, folks! The continued story of…Jeepers, where do I begin? Where did we leave off? Let me get my notes…

Elly’s husband is dead and the hero community has abandoned her. In the dead of night, her brother-in-law has led a task force to her home. Her in-laws are present and ready to fight on her behalf.

Elsewhere, Joan and Violet squabbled, Joan finding the ticket that Elly and Violet will need to venture into Kinsey the Narville’s Hell-like dimension.

The Patriarch’s erratic behavior led to a violent outburst in the middle of the downtown metro area. Manifest Destiny is in the Mormon free state of Deseret, settling a border dispute.

And outside of Starfall City, a super villain club was razed, a teenager mortally wounded, and the survivors have escaped in a beat-up truck.

Welcome back!!!

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