Good Monday, #Starfans!

It’s a bit early, but the new page is darling and I couldn’t wait. We’ve got the Wok n Roll logo back, Violet with a Mandarin collar, Elly sitting smug and satisfied in her cool kid clothes, curly hair, and swag new bod, and this leads into what should feel like a rapid fire series of pages that close out chapter 4 with a shocking conclusion.

We’ve also got some news! I was interviewed by the hepcats over at Capes and Scowls. I think the atmosphere in the room can be best described as “among friends”, but I was still pretty nervous.

And we’ll be officially(TM) launching the spin-off series, Starfall High, which will feature disconnected but in-canon stories from Elly and Violet’s adolescent years. We’re kicking things off with a short comic written and drawn by frequent Starfall contributor and o.g. artist, SirDef. That’s available right now and you can read it here. The second story and the official beginning beginning begins next Monday and continue biweekly until we run out of pages or stories.

Also, have you bought a T-shirt? Well, Starfall Tees are available and frequently discounted at our TeePublic storefront, so go have a look and, please, tell us what you’d like to see there!

Lastly, as always, consider kicking a few bucks over our way via the Patreon or, heck, my Ko-Fi account. The Patreon will net you some exclusive art and access to the redux chapter 1 pages, and a Ko-Fi contribution will result in me ranting and raving about whatever comic you’d like, or possibly one of my choice if you haven’t any. Just for fun (and Caffeine), but no hard feelings if you’d rather get some beautiful Val-drawn portraits instead.

As always, enjoy the week, and unless you contact us at @adamblackhat or @starfallcomic, I’ll see you in 7!