Happy Monday, #Starfans!

I have some supplemental info for ya, as well as some news!

First, some things of note: Val created not one, but two logos that aren’t getting much love on today’s page. The first is for one of Frankie’s favorite bands, Green! Alien! Bastard! The second is the logo for the chocolate-filled fried starch clusters vendor, Muncheez Cruncheez, which are advertised on Frankie’s drink cup.

Second, I had to enlarge the font a bit, thus obliterating the face of one of two neckless children in the background. R.I.P. tiny freaky monster. You will be missed.








Finally, a bit of spin-off info. With this page, we’re doing a bit of time-compression, I’m afraid. There simply aren’t enough pages for Chapter 3 to be the All High School issue we’d all want…, which is why I’m relegating a lot of that apocryphal history to the Starfall High spin-off I’ve been telling you about but haven’t shown much of…

It will have a decidedly different tone and look and masterful art from @Zombietonboarts. She’s working on it now and I hope to show it off to you soon.

That’s it for today! Like what you see? Got any questions? Hit up Val (@theblackwolf94) or I (@adamblackhat) and we’ll gab at you and praise your name. Want more? Consider becoming a Patreon contributor!

And have a nice week, dammit. Mondays are a pain in the ass, but they only last 24 hours.