Good morning, #Starfans! We’re finally back in action, though at a snail’s pace. I promise that it’s nowhere near as agonizing for you as it is for us. Let us persevere together and head onward into the world of Starfall…15 years before the events of chapter 1. It’s time to reintroduce you to the world in a way that you never would have expected, and we’ll start here and now, with this shlubby kid getting punched in the mush.

Worth noting: our bully, today, is played by none other than Max from Poor Man’s Process, a Supraliminal Films podcast, and brutha from anutha mutha to talkie boy, Tim, over at Capes and Scowls, a podcast/video and comic review collective that we’ve previously mentioned and featured. They’re an easygoing group, though I don’t think Max is properly prepared for the ramifications of guest starring in a webcomic as popular as Starfall. Don’t let the fame go to your head, Max, we like you for the gentile and witty creature you are now, and all those yuppies offering you coke aren’t really your friends.

I can’t help but cringe as I write, “see ya’all in 2 weeks,” but that’s the way it goes until we can get back to a weekly schedule. Le sigh. See you then!