That’s it! The final page of chapter 2.

What’s happened? Well, the late night worship and “news” program, Word of God, is going on temporary hiatus due to truck, and The Patriarch, well…it’s not quite normal behavior, is it? What do you think?

This’ll be it for Starfall for a designated bit. We’re taking a break from the main plot to get chapter 3 in order, revamp chapter 1 (only available to Patreon subscribers), and possibly expand the “brand”. We’ll be back in four weeks, but I’ll do my best to make regular updates with anything I think you’ll find interesting.

(Now would be a really excellent time to send us fanart, if you’ve got any.)

Special thanks to Anne Agnew, who accepted a cameo as the WoG televangelist. You should read the webcomic she writes, Nine Twilights. It’ll creep around in your heart and surprise you with humor and horror (when it’s not making you sad).

Thanks, as well, to the podcast Capes and Scowls! They’re not a brand new podcast, so much as a stable staple of my commute that I’d like to see flourish and prosper (and they’ve got a stylish logo).