I’m half-zombie as I type this: after a wonderful and relaxing fifth anniversary away, I’m back in action just in time to post the latest page…a tad late. Apologies! As a matter of fact, it might even forestall the next page. If that happens, we’ll whip up something regardless. No breaks!

Assuming you’re enjoying Val’s art (and why wouldn’t you?), there’s plenty more to see! For the first time, Knockout #1, her self-published collaboration with Cliff Jones and Andrew Richmond is available in a digital edition! From every monster in Universal’s stable to the streets of Bath, Val brings her usual finesse and ability to bring as much deviation and uniqueness as is found in real life to the world of imagination.

And keep an eye out for Jones and Richmond’s Wings of Terror, which begins on October 15th.

Finally, Starfall has a Patreon! Starfall has a Patreon! STARFALL HAS A PATREON.

Check it out here.


@adamblackhat – the writer

@theblackwolf94 – the artist