That’s it for the Lost & Foundry. If there are any survivors on the dance floor, they’ve slunk even deeper underground. Exploding softball-sized maggots is enough excitement for one day. And as a curtain of brick, mortar, and steel closes the scene, we can only guess at what will become of the interloper. With Whitey’s helm in hand, she looks fiercely determined, undaunted, and just as dangerous as ever (with the boon of a freshly born hand beneath her gauntlet, where there was only a stump and phantom pain before). But the squad is in shambles, Mimevolent’s pulse is driving the blood from her body in a torrent, and all of their fates will be determined in chapter three.

But we’re not in chapter three yet, are we?

See you in seven. Elly has a demon to summon.
@theblackwolf94 – artist

@adamblackhat – writer