Update! I completely forgot to mention this — we’ll be taking next week off  due to upcoming comic con shenanigans. We need proper business cards (because you never know), which need to be created from scratch, and it’ll also give us an opportunity to update the logo and…basically, give Val a little more ownership of the work, so that it’ll feel less like she’s a for-hire, the third in a sequence that will continue, etcetera. She’s in this thing for the long haul and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

So, I’ll post at the usual time and give everyone a glimpse at what we DID accomplish (and there’ll be comic con pictures in the future), but it’s just too much for Val, on top of her other commitments. If we had a Patreon to cover her butt, that’d be one thing, but alas! ANYWAY.

As predicted, things got a little dicey, especially for the club infrastructure! The be-tentacled monster in their midst scatters the squad with the flick of her gauntlet-mounted laser lance and creates our first casualty: we’ll miss you, Mr. Piñata (though it turns out you’re actually a ramshackle robot piloted by super intelligent mice). And as The Growth and Discortney ready to join the battle, Elaina dashes for the busted Caduceus and Mimevolent upgrades from umbrella to mecha knight. The fight is ON. Will we EVER find out what’s really happening, though?

Yes. Possibly in fourteen!

(UPDATED: 14!? Not counting an art update post!)

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