This week, we’re returning to the Lost & Foundry, where we’ll be meeting a few new characters and checking in on a few (of my) old favorites.

It looks like Elaina really did put on the sweatshirt as Bad Rock insisted, but she hasn’t quite made it back up to the bar. Bad’s on the phone with his significant other and manning the taps in these late hours is the club’s only permanent staff, “Whitey”, the Wight Knight, enjoying his favorite late night soap, Blood Bags & Stethoscopes. BB&S, the trials and tribulations of Doctor Dirk Manly and his best nurse, Kendall, may or may not return…it really depends on what horrendous mess is cascading into the toilet bowl in that last panel.

After all, Bad’s wounded. He ain’t cleanin’ that shit up. We’ll see. In seven!

EDIT: Someone has asked for the full Bad Rock/Sig Fig transcript, and I am a loving creator:

Panel 1.

Victor: It was homemade?

Bad Rock: Yeah, just duct tape, underwear, and a whole lotta naive jailbait. I don’t know what the fuck she was thinking.

Panel 2.

Victor: Good luck getting that mess OFF.

Bad Rock: Yeah, no kidding!

Panel 3.

Victor: You’re keeping an eye on them, right?

Bad Rock: Of course. Me and Whitey.

Victor: But you WILL come HOME tonight. …RIGHT?

Bad Rock: Baby, we been over this. This ain’t Cinderella’s Ball. I can’t just up and go because the clock strikes twelve. …I’ll try. But I still gotta take these brats home. There ain’t a man here who wouldn’t offend SOME sex. If I don’t make sure they get home safe…

Victor: I know how concerned you get. You’re the best bad guy I know. That’s why I love you.

Panel 4.

Bad Rock: Oh, is that why? ‘been wondering.

Victor: Orin, I have to go. ‘nother call. I love you!

Bad Rock: ‘love you, too, baby.