Normally, here’s where I write something silly or try to fill in a few background details (the vinyl is from Violet’s rock star mother, the curtain separates her “public” persona from her magical dabblings and her heroic aspirations hidden under a sheet) but two things happened this week:

  1. Val had comic con duties that prolonged our innocent readers’ wait time, since we decided to neither rush nor fill-in this Monday.
  2. One of the worst acts of domestic terrorism in U.S. history happened and I don’t feel like being cute.

I hope everyone enjoys the new page. Please, RT it. Share it. Like it. Tell everyone. Val is a human dynamo. Her talent exceeds my writing by leaps and bounds. It’s not her fault I’m moody and I won’t snub her on this, probably the most beautiful of all pages she has yet produced (although I’m starting to think she just progresses in one single direction: toward perfection). I hope you agree.

Stay safe everyone. We’ll be back to our usual antics next Monday.