A little peek into Violet’s workshop! She’s tried her hand at a lot of things and is Author Insert good at almost everything she applies herself to, so you’ll see rock n roll memorabilia (her own baubles mixed in with her ma’s), clothes, bagged, on the line, and half finished (she has a fashion design degree), tools for both her current gig (there’s a standing sculpture in progress right at the bench on the left) and for fun (her dad was a gearhead and he passed that love along to her).

Which brings us to the cosmic horror we’re sticking our fat little toes into with the mention of the Black Book. Unspeakable Cults was first published in 1839 by a German publisher and had a limited run. It’s a hard-to-find item, and only a handful of unmolested first editions¬†are in circulation. Violet, it seems, has one of them…as for why Elly needs it…reread Chapter 1 and take a guess, or be back here in 7. Actually, do both!

BTW…IT’S CON SEASON! Which means the next page will, alas, be delayed until Wednesday! There won’t be any fancy substitution or one-shot to break up the scene this time around, so we’ll all just have to sit tight for two whole days and wait for Val to get back to us. Sound good? Well, if it doesn’t, may I recommend taking a trip down memory lane? Every page of Starfall has been ever-so-slightly updated with more form-fitting font sizes, tighter dialog, and one particular graphic change that is just the tits in my humble opinion.

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