The end of an era! The first chapter of Starfall finishes here, leaving Elly exactly where Simon put her: once called a murderer, she now is, which won’t help her plea out of suspicion in her husband’s death one bit. Still, you can’t make a portal without breaking a few bad eggs and Cabaret was one of the baddest.

Shortly, the story will continue with new permanent artist Valentina Sannais. If you’d like to see the world she’ll be fashioning, there’s a few hints of that up at the Project Blog.

Before then, I’d like to say goodbye and thanks to Alison. She’s incredibly quick, truly a talent to look out for, and I couldn’t have gotten to this point without her. I’m sorry she’s going, but looking forward to the future.

As usual, see you next time. There are no scheduled delays or planned changes, though as for the future…I feel like we might run into the need for a Patreon, as the story grows. We’ll see.

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