This page has changed character, as well as direction, two ineptly made decisions that thus far haven’t ruined anything, canonically. Giving Yvonne more of an emotional range and making Destiny a bit more foreboding, were both aspects that I regret losing. Although I’m sorry we don’t see The Patriarch actually fly away in the original version, I credit the Hell out of Alison for again cramming so many moments into two pages. I’ve moved away from “Blip” actually making a sound when they appear, and the Sky Marshal and Acolyte have both had makeovers (as well as further foreshadowing characterization for the Sky Marshal), but everything else has been presented in roughly the same way -minus the sympathy card motif, that I still really freaking love, but didn’t want to ask Val to duplicate. It felt wrong to do so- with the exception of the envoy from Rundine in the first panel. This was an early attempt to broaden the scope of the story and I had almost forgotten about her before now.

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