We’re back in sequence! The original page (of which there are two versions below) was the subject of some controversy that took us months to recover from, when the then-current artist and I decided that the page could use a little titillation. Ultimately, I don’t think it’s quite right for the new version of the story, but I regret the hullabaloo and that I gave in to the pressure and had the page altered. Despite my regret, the “published” version is censored. While I am a supporter of #FreeTheNipple, the couch doesn’t quite make any damn sense in those panels. Can we see through it in panel 5? Are Violet and Joan on top of the back of the couch in panel 8? I’m not picking on the artist, here…in fact, Violet’s tit being out not only overshadowed everything else on the page -some wonderful facial expressions, movements, a sweet kiss, some work with the T-shirt, an odd joke at the end where it appears as if The Patriarch is leering, and all expertly fitted on what could have been a crowded page- but it continues to overshadow the good work we did throughout the first issue, to the point where this explanation is now the longest commentary I have provided on a page thus far.

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