Hey, #Starfans! It has been a while and I apologize for the lack of updates. We’ve been hard at work getting the chapter 1 redux comic ready for print and digital release…and that has finally happened!

The printing proofs are on their way to be approved and the digital copy is currently available at ComixCentral. Get it here!

Act fast to get it on sale! Pretty neat, right? This comic is the chapter 1 you’ve grown to love, but expanded, re-scripted, re-lettered, and redrawn by Val, with a slightly different mood on the events in Solomon’s Widow. Even if you’ve committed the o.g. chapter 1 to memory, it makes a great companion piece!

Well, there’s a bit more. As you know, we’ve had T-shirts before. Well, we still do, and we’re adding more soon! Violet’s GAY AS FUCK shirt is available now and a new version of Bad Rock’s I Am a Motherfucker shirt will be available soon!

Also, the Patreon is still a thing. Think about patronizing us? Please? Beyond that, we’ve got a bit more pencil-pushing to get to, but we should be back with the next chapter of Starfall sometime soon, while I get issues #2 and #3 ready in the background. When they’re all set, we’ll add them to ComixCentral and you’ll be able to one-stop shop there for all your Starfall comic needs!


Finally, keep an eye out for new sections to the site! I’ll be adding a Links page, an Archive, and some new store links as soon as I stop hyperventilating from all the absolute and literal shit I’ve got to mop up beforehand. Ah, well. C’est la vie.