During 2015, after Sirdef told me that she would be vacating her role, I cast a line out into the webcomic Twittersphere in search of a replacement. I found a plethora of talented, interested people, several of whom were willing to try their skills on one of several sample scripts I had mocked up. Their panels (paid for, I assure you) are here displayed with thanks and all due praise. I’m touched that anyone would want to draw what I had written, even for money, and I wish I could hire every last one of them. Forgive the lazy descriptions that accompany the drawings -they’re culled from the original Tumblr posts and I haven’t done much with them. I could expand this section with scripts and things, if requested to do so. Until then, enjoy, look up every one of these wonderful people, and ooh and awe at what they’ve done.